Those “first” times

Is there anything better when your child has

special needs and they have those “first” times?

You know, like the first word or the first step.

The marvelous thing about dac at almost 26

years of age (functions as a 2-year-old) is that

she is still progressing!

Isn’t the brain a marvelous complicated organ?

Just today she handed me the remote control on

request. For a mom that has waited 25 years for

her to learn a few basic commands, this was huge.

I don’t mean just huge. i mean HUGE!!

The kind of excitement that grabs you and you

just want to tell everyone. Unless you are also

a parent in a similar situation, you probably

won’t get the same thrill of excitement.

We special needs parents have to wait incredibly

long periods of time for first moments. We

are usually the same parents that grab our

phones to record those “firsts” but can’t see

shit because our tears are in the way.

Dac was 19 months before she walked.

About 5 before she said mama.

at 24 became partially potty trained.

now at 26 she can now turn her own toys

on and off.

She can finger feed herself and she can hand me

the remote control.

I am super proud of this kid.

Feels like i just won the lottery:)Image result for lottery ticket


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