This is Epilepsy

Today we were having a good day. Dac was busy playing

with her toys, she had a snack and was her usual smiley self.

Then this happened.


you see Dac has Epilepsy but it is more than a word. This is my child this disease is affecting and many more children and adults. If you are hesitant to donate for research, advocate for treatments, support ,educate or to even pass a law

look into her eyes and explain why.

See the blood trickling from her mouth? She bit her tongue. Not a pretty sight

you want to see. Imagine if this was your child.

This is not the picture of my daughter i really want to share. I prefer this one



With Epilepsy you do not get to choose.

You have to watch your child in helpless fashion endure it and

to pray they come through it.


7 thoughts on “This is Epilepsy

  1. Bless you Lisa, you are a wonderful Mother. My husband of 36 years has TS. his has what they refer to as the mild form. He was very intellegent held very good management jobs, had the seizures under control. suddenly at age 65 (retirement age) he started losing weight, he. was always tall and slim. but the seizures started again. His brain has 2 large tubers at the base of his brain…. now on Hospice care, losing his memory, not the man I married. But I am so thankful I still have him. He has always took good care of us.. We don’t have any children with TS, Thank God…. I cannot imagine what you have lived though…Your sweet daughter has been very lucky to have you….you will have a special place in Heaven…..


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